World Nutella Day

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Happiness is fresh bread smothered in hazelnut spread! That hazelnut spread is known across the world as Nutella. It can be spread on toast or put into the center of pastries or other baked goods. Or if you are like me then simply with a spoon or finger!

You cannot make everybody happy. You’re not a Nutella jar.

Ellen Degeneres

I’m sure if you are a fan you have your favorite way to get your Nutella fix! On World Nutella Day, fans post pictures, recipes, and messages declaring their love and loyalty to the popular spread.

How To Celebrate World Nutella Day

The is really no wrong way to celebrate World Nutella Day. No matter how you spread it, melt it, share it, or horde it, the joy that comes once you taste it makes it the best World holiday ever!

To truly make the day special, why not try something new with your jar of Nutella?

Take some pictures while you do and share with the world on your social media. Spread the love and the goodness of Nutella.

Why We Love World Nutella Day

Nutella is magic in the mouth

It’s the perfect combination of cocoa and hazelnut! People of all ages — kids, teens, and adults — go nuts for it.

It’s versatile

The beauty of Nutella is that you can put it on almost anything. Nutella sandwiches, Nutella ice cream, even Nutella brownies. Find some of our favorite Nutella recipes below.

Key Info

  • Dates: Every February 5th
  • Hashtag: #NutellaDay
  • Website:

Fun Recipe Ideas

Nutella can be combined in infinite ways. Try these fun dishes with family, friends, and all Nutella lovers…

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