May Holidays

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The merry month of May celebrates spring in full swing and boasts a number of fun holidays. May also is National Barbecue Month, National Hamburger Month, and National Mediterranean Diet Month.

So there is much to celebrate during the month of May…

Unique May Holidays!

MAY 1International Harry Potter DayArts & Entertainment
MAY 1May Day
MAY 2Free Comic Book DayArts & Entertainment
MAY 2National Brothers and Sisters DayRelationship
MAY 3National Paranormal Day
MAY 4Star Wars DayArts & Entertainment
MAY 5Cinco de Mayo
MAY 5National Hoagie DayFood & Drink
MAY 5National Teacher Day
MAY 6International No Diet DayFood & Drink
MAY 6National Beverage DayFood & Drink
MAY 6National Nurses Day
MAY 6National Tourist Appreciation Day
MAY 7National Day of Prayer
MAY 7National Tourism Day
MAY 7World Password Day
MAY 8National Have a Coke DayFood & Drink
MAY 9National Moscato DayFood & Drink
MAY 9World Migratory Bird DayAnimal
MAY 10Mother's DayRelationship
MAY 10National Clean Your Room Day
MAY 10National Shrimp DayFood & Drink
MAY 11National Eat What You Want DayFood & Drink
MAY 12National Limerick DayFun
MAY 13International Hummus DayFood & Drink
MAY 13National Apple Pie DayFood & Drink
MAY 13National Fruit Cocktail DayFood & Drink
MAY 13National Receptionists Day
MAY 14National Buttermilk Biscuit DayFood & Drink
MAY 15International Day of FamiliesRelationship
MAY 15National Chocolate Chip DayFood & Drink
MAY 15National Endangered Species DayCause
MAY 15National Pizza Party DayFood & Drink
MAY 16National Armed Forces DayCareer
MAY 16National Mimosa DayFood & Drink
MAY 17National Walnut DayFood & Drink
MAY 18National No Dirty Dishes Day
MAY 19National Devil's Food Cake DayFood & Drink
MAY 20National Be a Millionaire Day
MAY 21National Talk Like Yoda DayArts & Entertainment
MAY 21National Waitstaff DayCareer
MAY 23National Taffy DayFood & Drink
MAY 24Aviation Maintenance Technician Day
MAY 24National Brother's DayRelationship
MAY 24National Scavenger Hunt DayFun
MAY 25Memorial Day
MAY 25National Wine DayFood & Drink
MAY 26National Paper Airplane DayFun
MAY 28National Brisket DayFood & Drink
MAY 28National Hamburger DayFood & Drink
MAY 28National Sunscreen DayHealth
MAY 29Learn About Composting Day
MAY 30National Mint Julep DayFood & Drink
MAY 31National Macaroon DayFood & Drink

Which May holidays will you celebrate? Make sure to tell me in the comments below!

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