July Holidays

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July is the time to celebrate America our gorgeous country. But there are also many more incredible national days in July! Plus July also is National Ice Cream Month (as if we needed a reason to eat ice cream)

So there is much to celebrate during the month of July…

Unique July Holidays!

JUL 1Canada Day
JUL 1International Joke DayFun
JUL 2World UFO Day
JUL 3National Stay Out of the Sun DayHealth
JUL 4Independence Day
JUL 5National Bikini DayArts & Entertainment
JUL 6International Kissing DayRelationship
JUL 6National Fried Chicken DayFood & Drink
JUL 7National Strawberry Sundae DayFood & Drink
JUL 8National Video Game DayFun
JUL 9National Sugar Cookie DayFood & Drink
JUL 10National Kitten DayAnimal
JUL 10National Piña Colada DayFood & Drink
JUL 11National Mojito DayFood & Drink
JUL 12National Different Colored Eyes Day
JUL 12National Eat Your Jello DayFood & Drink
JUL 12National Simplicity Day
JUL 13National French Fry DayFood & Drink
JUL 14Bastille DayArts & Entertainment
JUL 14Cow Appreciation DayAnimal
JUL 14National Mac and Cheese DayFood & Drink
JUL 15National Clean Beauty DayHealth
JUL 15National Give Something Away Day
JUL 15National Pet Fire Safety DayAnimal
JUL 16National Corn Fritter DayFood & Drink
JUL 17National Lottery Day
JUL 17World Emoji DayArts & Entertainment
JUL 18National Caviar DayFood & Drink
JUL 18Nelson Mandela International DayInternational
JUL 18World Listening Day
JUL 19National Daiquiri DayFood & Drink
JUL 19National Ice Cream DayFood & Drink
JUL 20National Lollipop DayFood & Drink
JUL 20National Moon Day
JUL 21National Junk Food DayFood & Drink
JUL 22National Hammock Day
JUL 22National Hot Dog DayFood & Drink
JUL 22Selena Gomez's BirthdayArts & Entertainment
JUL 23National Gorgeous Grandma DayRelationship
JUL 24National Cousins DayRelationship
JUL 24National Drive-Thru DayFood & Drink
JUL 24National Tequila DayFood & Drink
JUL 25National Hot Fudge Sundae DayFood & Drink
JUL 25National Wine and Cheese DayFood & Drink
JUL 26National Aunt and Uncle DayRelationship
JUL 26National Coffee Milkshake DayFood & Drink
JUL 26National Parents’ DayFamily
JUL 27National Creme Brûlée DayFood & Drink
JUL 27National Scotch DayFood & Drink
JUL 28National Milk Chocolate DayFood & Drink
JUL 29National Chicken Wing DayFood & Drink
JUL 29National Lasagna DayFood & Drink
JUL 30International Day of FriendshipRelationship
JUL 30National Cheesecake DayFood & Drink
JUL 30National Chili Dog DayFood & Drink
JUL 30National Father-in-Law DayFamily
JUL 31Harry Potter's BirthdayArts & Entertainment
JUL 31National Avocado DayFood & Drink

Which July holidays will you celebrate? Make sure to tell me in the comments below!

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