August Holidays

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It’s almost time for the star students to return to school. How are you going to spend the last few days of Summer?

August is Back to School Month, National Breastfeeding Month, and National Eye Exam Month. But there are also many daily holidays to celebrate during the month of August…

Unique August Holidays!

AUG 1National Girlfriend DayRelationship
AUG 1National Mustard DayFood & Drink
AUG 1Spider-Man DayArts & Entertainment
AUG 2National Coloring Book DayArts & Entertainment
AUG 2National Friendship DayRelationship
AUG 2National Ice Cream Sandwich DayFood & Drink
AUG 2National Sisters DayRelationship
AUG 3National Watermelon DayFood & Drink
AUG 3National White Wine DayFood & Drink
AUG 3Tom Brady's BirthdayArts & Entertainment
AUG 4Barack Obama’s BirthdayArts & Entertainment
AUG 4National Chocolate Chip Cookie DayFood & Drink
AUG 5National Underwear DayArts & Entertainment
AUG 5Regatta DayFun
AUG 5Work Like a Dog DayAnimal
AUG 6National Root Beer Float DayFood & Drink
AUG 7International Beer DayFood & Drink
AUG 7National Lighthouse DayArts & Entertainment
AUG 7Purple Heart Day
AUG 8International Cat DayAnimal
AUG 8National Bowling DayFun
AUG 9National Book Lovers DayFun
AUG 9National Women's Day
AUG 10National Lazy DayFun
AUG 10National Spoil Your Dog DayAnimal
AUG 11National Son and Daughter DayRelationship
AUG 12National Middle Child DayFamily
AUG 12National Vinyl Record DayArts & Entertainment
AUG 12Royal National Agricultural Show DayFun
AUG 13International Lefthanders DayFun
AUG 13National Blame Someone Else Day
AUG 15Chant at the Moon DayFun
AUG 15International Homeless Animals DayAnimal
AUG 15National Back To School Prep Day
AUG 15National Relaxation Day
AUG 16National Airborne Day
AUG 16National Roller Coaster DayFun
AUG 16National Rum DayFood & Drink
AUG 16National Tell A Joke DayFun
AUG 17National Black Cat Appreciation DayAnimal
AUG 17National Thrift Shop Day
AUG 18National Couple's DayRelationship
AUG 18National Fajita DayFood & Drink
AUG 19National Aviation Day
AUG 19National Potato DayFood & Drink
AUG 19World Photo DayArts & Entertainment
AUG 20National Lemonade DayFood & Drink
AUG 20National Radio DayArts & Entertainment
AUG 20World Mosquito Day
AUG 21National Senior Citizens Day
AUG 22National Take Your Cat to the Vet DayAnimal
AUG 22National Tooth Fairy Day
AUG 23Cheap Flight DayFun
AUG 23National Cuban Sandwich DayFood & Drink
AUG 23National Sponge Cake DayFood & Drink
AUG 24National Waffle DayFood & Drink
AUG 25National Banana Split DayFood & Drink
AUG 26National Dog DayAnimal
AUG 27International Lottery DayFun
AUG 27National Just Because Day
AUG 28National Red Wine DayFood & Drink
AUG 29National Lemon Juice DayFood & Drink
AUG 30National Beach Day
AUG 30National Holistic Pet DayAnimal
AUG 31National Heroes' DayInternational
AUG 31National Trail Mix DayFood & Drink
AUG 31World Distance Learning Day

Which August holidays will you celebrate? Make sure to tell me in the comments below!

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