April Holidays

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Easter usually falls in April, but did you know that April is also National Pet Month, National Pecan Month, National Humor Month, National Garden Month, and National Decorating Month?

So there is much to celebrate during the month of April…

Unique April Holidays!

APR 1April Fools' Day
APR 1National Walking DayHealth
APR 2National Burrito DayFood & Drink
APR 2International Children’s Book Day Fun
APR 2National Peanut Butter and Jelly DayFood & Drink
APR 2World Autism Awareness DayHealth
APR 3National Find a Rainbow DayFun
APR 3World Party DayFun
APR 3National Love Our Children Day Fun
APR 3National Chocolate Mousse Day Food & Drink
APR 5National Deep Dish Pizza DayFood & Drink
APR 6National Siamese Cat DayAnimal
APR 6National Caramel Popcorn Day Food & Drink
APR 7National Coffee Cake Day Food & Drink
APR 7National No Housework Day
APR 7World Health DayHealth
APR 8National Empanada DayFood & Drink
APR 9National Name Yourself DayFun
APR 9National Chinese Almond Cookie Day Food & Drink
APR 9National Unicorn Day
APR 9National Winston Churchill Day
APR 10Day of SilenceSpecial Interest
APR 10National Hug Your Dog DayAnimal
APR 10National Siblings DayRelationship
APR 11National Eight Track Tape Day
APR 11National Pet DayAnimal
APR 11National Submarine DayCareer
APR 12National Licorice Day Food & Drink
APR 12National Grilled Cheese Sandwich DayFood & Drink
APR 13National Make Lunch Count DayFood & Drink
APR 13National Scrabble DayFun
APR 14National Ex-Spouse DayRelationship
APR 14National Gardening Day
APR 15National Laundry Day
APR 16National High Five Day
APR 16National Librarian DayEducation
APR 16Wear Pajamas to Work DayFun
APR 17International Bat Appreciation Day
APR 17National Cheese Ball DayFood & Drink
APR 18Husband Appreciation DayRelationship
APR 18National Haiku Poetry DayFun
APR 18International Juggler’s Day Fun
APR 18National Velociraptor Awareness DayEducation
APR 19National Garlic DayFood & Drink
APR 20Chinese Language DayEducation
APR 20National Look-Alike Day
APR 21National Bulldogs Are Beautiful DayAnimal
APR 21National Kindergarten DayEducation
APR 21National Tea Day
APR 22Earth DayCause
APR 22National Jelly Bean DayFood & Drink
APR 23National Picnic DaySpecial Interest
APR 23Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work DayFamily
APR 23World Book DayArts & Entertainment
APR 24National Arbor DayEnvironmental
APR 24National Pigs in a Blanket DayFood & Drink
APR 25Anzac DayInternational
APR 25National DNA DayHealth
APR 25National Hairstylist Appreciation DayCareer
APR 25National Telephone Day
APR 26National Pretzel DayFood & Drink
APR 27National Prime Rib DayFood & Drink
APR 28National Blueberry Pie Day Food & Drink
APR 28National Superhero DayArts & Entertainment
APR 29International Dance DayArts & Entertainment
APR 29International Guide Dog DayAnimal
APR 29National Shrimp Scampi DayFood & Drink
APR 30International Jazz DayArts & Entertainment
APR 30National Bugs Bunny Day Arts & Entertainment
APR 30National Bubble Tea DayFood & Drink
APR 30Honesty DayRelationship

Which April holidays will you celebrate? Make sure to tell me in the comments below!

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