National Bagel Day

January 15th is National Bagel Day! Toast up your favorite flavor on National Bagel Day. Make them for breakfast, lunch, or snack, or all of the above! This chewy-on-the-inside-crunchy-on-the-outside bread brings complex flavors to the deli and sandwich bar. They’re a staple in our freezers and as a fantastic winter pick-me-up. Why did the Croissants … Read more

Christmas Day

Every year on Dec. 25, we celebrate Christmas, a day for spending time with family, observing an important Christian holiday, partaking in light-hearted traditions, or just spreading some holiday cheer! Christmas is a very special time of year. It is a time of celebration, goodwill, and miracles. It is also a time of year when … Read more

St. Nicholas Day

St. Nicholas Day celebrates St. Nicholas, who inspired the Christmas and Santa Clause that we all know and love. The history of St. Nicholas and his good deeds was part of the inspiration of the modern-day Santa Claus and Father Christmas, which is why there are traditions of leaving gifts in people’s boots or shoes … Read more

World Nutella Day

Happiness is fresh bread smothered in hazelnut spread! That hazelnut spread is known across the world as Nutella. It can be spread on toast or put into the center of pastries or other baked goods. Or if you are like me then simply with a spoon or finger! You cannot make everybody happy. You’re not … Read more

Food & Drink Holidays

Below is a list of the day, week, and month observances that are categorized as National Food & Drink Holidays. So you will always know what foods are celebrated and when! There are just so many different food & drink holidays to choose from including National Pie Day on January 23 and National Bacon Day on … Read more

Weird, Bizarre, and Wacky Holidays!

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_row_inner][vc_column_inner][vc_column_text]Weird National Holidays! Our monthly calendar is packed full of unusual, unique, strange, bizarre, odd, crazy, funny, silly, fun, quirky, offbeat, weird, wild, and wacky holidays.[/vc_column_text][bimber_title]Weird & Wacky Holidays by Month[/bimber_title][bimber_collection template=”grid-s” columns=”3″ max=”” show_shares=”none” show_views=”none” show_summary=”none” show_author=”none” show_avatar=”none” show_date=”none” category=”monthly-holidays” title=”” title_size=”h4″ title_align=”” type=”recent” time_range=”all” offset=”” post_tag=”” post_format=”” snax_format=”” show_featured_media=”standard” show_comments_link=”none” show_categories=”none” show_subtitle=”none” show_call_to_action=”none” … Read more

July Holidays

July is the time to celebrate America our gorgeous country. But there are also many more incredible national days in July!