National Bagel Day

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Christmas Day

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St. Nicholas Day

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World Nutella Day

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Dollar Tree Christmas Sign

This easy Dollar Tree Christmas sign is a fun way to create an easy holiday craft without spending a ton of money.

Free Printable Letter to Santa

Your kiddos will love creating a personal Letter to Santa! Have your kids fill out this FREE printable Letter to Santa Template each year!

August Holidays

It’s almost time for the star students to return to school. How are you going to spend the last few days of Summer?

December Holidays

It’s beginning to look a lot like the most wonderful time of the year! Along with Christmas, there are also many more incredible holidays in December!

July Holidays

July is the time to celebrate America our gorgeous country. But there are also many more incredible national days in July!

May Holidays

The merry month of May celebrates spring in full swing and boasts a number of fun holidays.

Cotton Candy Mocktails

These cool cotton candy mocktails are the perfect way for your kids to celebrate on New Year’s Eve.